Infrgy | Developing wireless energy harvesting technology


LLC Developing Breakthrough Ultra-Efficient Wireless Energy Harvesting Technology

The system was recently demonstrated to harness atmospheric Energy at the various Universities and Technology institute and is Being further studied

INFRGY LLC introduces its first prototype wireless energy system, which combines energy harvested from the atmosphere with energy from a supplied source, to increase output to levels that exceed the input. In conjunction with the various Universities of globe and Institutes of Technology, the prototype device was tested to provide a means of energy transfer that amplified power output by harnessing surrounding energy.  More research is slated to begin at the Institutes of Technology to further develop the technology.

What is INFRGY?

The INFRGY is not a brand name only it is future of energy solutions, the INFRGY works and provides services of energy, and it works on wasted energy harvesting energy and free energy. Website:

Founder Ahmed feels that this is just the beginning step in the development of the technologies the company has planned to mitigate the effects of air pollution and green house gases on the planet. “We feel that with the help of our partners, we can accelerate the path to creating a whole new industry”. He continues. “We would like to thank the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the various Universities working with us to test the first device, and professors of various institutes for their interest in further development”.

Features of the invented device

The salient features of the invented device are as follows: